About Us

Better Life Medical Center is currently operating four healthcare centres in Assam.

About Us

Quality health starts with quality doctors

The inspiration behind the inception of Better Life is the absence of quality healthcare services in rural India, as these regions are highly dependent on Government endeavours and NGOs for the healthcare needs of locals. Better Life steps in to provide high-quality urban polyclinic-like healthcare facilities with multiple services under one roof yet at affordable prices. Since 2021, Better Life Medical Center is currently operating four healthcare centres in Assam and has been continually adding multiple achievements under its belt. On Aug 21, Better Life Medical Center was recognized as the DOTS CARE CENTER for TUBERCULOSIS by Govt of Assam, which is the first ever for any private healthcare organization in Udalgiri.

  • Health Care Facilities at last mile 
  • Multiple healthcare services under one roof like 
  • Affordable Solutions for Rural healthcare problems
  • Uncompromising Quality as in Urban Polyclinic
Why Better Life

Healthcare at the Last Mile, a leading light in primary rural healthcare

During Covid19, there was massive development in the healthcare systems of our country. But the focus remained concentrated around the Urban context while the rural counterpart remained under-exposed. Providing quality health care at the rural end of the country has always been very challenging and is still mostly dependent on Govt. facilities and NGOs. Better Life Health Care was established as an answer to this. “Better Life – Healthcare at the Last Mile” is a for-profit, primary healthcare-driven medical centre that includes a multi-speciality family clinic, diagnostic centre, daycare and pharmacy. Since its inception, Better Life has achieved multiple feats. 

Providing quality healthcare in rural areas comes with its own unique set of challenges like difficult logistics and lack of basic amenities such as electricity, drinking water or internet. But with the strong leadership of Dr Sayantani Bhattacharjee, Better Life is consistently growing to provide affordable, accessible, convenient, sustainable and quality-driven primary healthcare. Currently, there are four centres operating in Assam with a goal to provide the assurance of urban-like healthcare facilities to rural communities.


Our Vision 

To provide affordable, accessible, convenient, sustainable and quality-driven primary healthcare services to all, at the last mile.


Our Mission

Establish a chain of multi-facility, primary health care clinics that are committed to deliver affordable preventive and curative services to all, in last mile areas in India.


Our Goal

We are determined to create high standards for rural healthcare and implement the urban idea of “Polyclinic – comprehensive OPD-based services under one roof” in last-mile health care.


Our Achievements

  • Served more than 10,000 beneficiaries to date
  • Have the biggest pharmacy in this region
  • More than 6,000 Ultrasounds have been done so far
  • More than 1,200 ECGs have been done so far
  • Played an active role in COVID vaccination in the area
  • Actively contributed to medical facilities for those affected by the recent flooding in this area.
  • Spreading health education and awareness in the area through our field volunteers.

Better Life Mission